The Dodge purpose designed and high specification modular cabinets offer the ability to custom design your own specific configuration. Complete with all essential components and energy efficient cooling plant the cabinet provided a fully functional cold storage facility. Available in single or multi door formats and built to meet individual requirements.


  • Panels finished with anti bacterial silver ion finish.

  • The ‘Silverprotec’ prevents transfer or harmful bacteria.

  • High density 80 mm polyurethane insulation, CFC free.

  • Total panel mechanical locked for perfect seals (A).

  • Hygiene panel design avoids need for silicone grouting.

  • Finished in white powder coated steel RAL 90116.

  • Panel cut edges are sealed to avoid corrosion.

  • All panels (including floor) use corrosion resistant camlocks (B).

  • Cabinets can be readily disassembled for future transfer.

  • Stainless floor covering over reinforced load bearing floor.

  • Easy operated door lever with lock and internal release (C).

  • Door hinged to suit clients needs.

  • Self closing adjustable door hinges giving up at 180° opening (D).

  • Magnetic PVC replaceable door gaskets.

  • Gaskets rebated to prevent damage by tray withdrawal.

  • Option for temperature gauge, switch, vent port and floor drain (E,F).

  • Wipe clean nameplates (G).


  • Semi obese, obese or bariatric trays.

  • Reduced height, side loading and pass through styles.

  • Individual compartments, extra wide doors.

  • Internal drainage, covered flooring, stainless steel finished.

  • Door and wall protection.


For more information, please contact us and we will put you in touch with our Capital Equipment Specialist.


  • Stainless steel racking with simple height adjustment (H).

  • Open modular system for efficient cooling.

  • Up to 5 tier storage using stub rollers for compact storage.

  • Or full width (FW) PVC coated removable rollers.

  • Range of stainless steel trays, both style and width options.

  • Cabinet design allows coffin storage with FW rollers.


  • Choice of side, roof or remote cooling plant.

  • Electronic control with digital display.

  • Internal lighting and local alarm system.

  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants.



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